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Clinical Psychology Salary

Have you ever heard the profession of Clinical Psychology?

I really liked the world of psychology and I intended to plunge it in the world of psychology since I was in high school. I think the world of psychology is full of fun; I can study the character of every person and to help the problems that they have. I can continue to learn about clinical psychology although I had graduated.

Do you know what the clinical psychology work?

I hear all the complaints of my patients. My work has a broad scope, I can work in offices, schools, care institutions, hospitals, and many other places.

I help people affected by psychological distress, heard their complaints about their problems, help rehabilitate drug users, build the mental on disabled children and adults.

The cores of it, I heard complaints of patients and help them find a way out of stress that my patients experience. I am not allowed to give prescriptions or make operation, even though I was in the clinical field. I can refer my patients to a doctor or talk with communities to prevent my patients from stress. for more information about what the clinical psychology work? visit: http://chicago.cbslocal.com

How much did salary earn to Clinical Psychology?

The survey obtained by the United States, the salary of Clinical Psychology in May 2008, an average of $ 70.190, while the range of salaries reported $ 37,900 to $ 106,840.

Clinical Psychology Salary

Clinical Psychology Salary based on experience, job location, and credentials to hire employees. For Clinical Psychology in the new work like me, have a salary of about $ 51,309 per year. As for the Clinical psychology who has experience of more than 5 years of paying approximately $ 61,839 to $ 106,840 per year.

When you work as a clinical psychologist in an organization or institution then you pay around $ 58,000 to $ 55,855 per year. Clinical psychologies earn large salaries in New York with a salary of $ 79,430 per year. While in the State of New Jersey, New York, California, Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois with an average salary of $ 55,000, while $ 70,000 per year.

The large salary of clinical psychology is in accordance with its duty done. With the information about clinical psychology salary maybe you can think to intend for entering or exit from this profession. A clinical psychology must be from people who had earned his doctorate in the field is relatively new then allowed to teach or research.

United States Bureau of statistics predicts that clinical psychology jobs will increase to 16% up to 2016 and produce about 24,000 new jobs.

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